Friday, September 4, 2009


I met the greatest evil today. For those of you that have never met it, count yourself lucky. It’s a black abyss that no one should ever have to enter, but everyone always does. I got roped in today.

I fared well at first. The winds we on my side but its power to suck people into its pain is too strong, even for me. I fell.

At first it was easy, I had strength to try to fight it back but every move I made, every kick or punch, was twisted, and molded, and turned against me.

As I fell further I tried harder. Using combo moves and maneuvers I had already tried, to attempt to get it to release me. I was unsuccessful.

Before I was half way into it I knew it had defeated me. Sure, I was strong and full of self will, but when punching a rock you will only come away with your knuckles bruised.

Eventually it spit me out. Thankfully, I had made it out just before I was ripped in two. But it had gotten closer today then it ever had before.

Thankfully, it left me alive. But I’m still covered in bruises.

Secretly Supergirl

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