Friday, September 4, 2009


I met the greatest evil today. For those of you that have never met it, count yourself lucky. It’s a black abyss that no one should ever have to enter, but everyone always does. I got roped in today.

I fared well at first. The winds we on my side but its power to suck people into its pain is too strong, even for me. I fell.

At first it was easy, I had strength to try to fight it back but every move I made, every kick or punch, was twisted, and molded, and turned against me.

As I fell further I tried harder. Using combo moves and maneuvers I had already tried, to attempt to get it to release me. I was unsuccessful.

Before I was half way into it I knew it had defeated me. Sure, I was strong and full of self will, but when punching a rock you will only come away with your knuckles bruised.

Eventually it spit me out. Thankfully, I had made it out just before I was ripped in two. But it had gotten closer today then it ever had before.

Thankfully, it left me alive. But I’m still covered in bruises.

Secretly Supergirl

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ice water and Neon Spandex

Hello from where I am everybody!

So nothing incredibly interesting to report about yesterday or today. It was actually kind of a mortal day: Boring but nice.

I went out with Monarch and my cousin (she’s normal), yesterday. We completely got lost in my cousin’s car and drove around for an extra hour at least. It was rather funny.

We went to this store that sells clothes for older Superheroes. They had some really nice stuff, designer capes and neon spandex. My cousin and I made sure that Monarch got a lot of new options to strut the streets with, she is a legend after all. I found a really nice pair of olive green tights for her. Which, by the way I discovered something interesting about my grandmother. It’s not one of her original powers but she has the ability to alter the opinions of those around her to match her own. Not in a mean way though, it’s just how she reasons that makes you side with her even if you hadn’t before. It’s particularly affective on Amazon Man and my cousin. It was very interesting.

Then last night, I took a fly around the lake by Amazon Man and Monarch’s house. It was so pretty. When I touched the sparkling water with the tips of my fingers I thought they were going to freeze and fall of. I almost hit a boat full of partiers too which caused me to veer right suddenly and land with a splash in that freezing water. That was not so nice..... but it was refreshing.

Anyways, I think I might go flying again. Hopefully I won’t land in the water again.

Hoping I don’t catch a cold,
Secretly Supergirl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up in the air

I flew out to meet with my grandparents yesterday, Amazon Man and Monarch. When I asked for a window seat they gave me an exit row door with a window that was too small to even see out of.

Then, the flight attendant told me that in case of an emergency I would have to assist them with saving people. You know, open the emergency door and make sure the inflatable slide opens up.
Personally, I think that my talents would be much better used in stopping the plane from going down at all. I mean, they’ve got a passenger who can fly on their aircraft and all I’m supposed to do is open a door. I would much rather be like my good friend Superman and catch the plane in the air. Just jump from the plane and grab it by the nose before slowly steering it down to safety. But, of course, that would mean exposure.

The Super League isn’t too fond of the word exposure. Which means that most of the world doesn’t even know we exist. So, my talents would make a lot of the other passengers, with brains that aren’t at the same level as mine, explode into a million tiny pieces.

I guess that makes sense since our culture has had a hard time accepting anything that’s different. No examples needed I think.

I get it... but I still don’t understand it.

There was a guy sitting next to me reading “The Culture of Corruption”.

He has no idea.

From another state,
Secretly Supergirl

Friday, August 14, 2009

Villains and Vast Expectations

So, I had a meeting with the Iron Lung yesterday. For those of you who don’t know who that is, he is a trainer of all things super powered. He was once a great Superhero but now focuses his time on training the next generation. Only the students with the most potential even get to the level where they can know his name and by the time he is done, you will have reached levels you never thought possible with your powers. I was lucky; The Star was the first person to tell me about him and if she hadn’t I would be a third rate sidekick right now, just waiting for my chance to shine.

Anyways, back to yesterday. It was all new to me. You see, in a few weeks try outs will be held for one of the most elite super teams in the whole school. Only a few really talented people can make it. It’s much easier for heroes then heroines because there are less of them then us. We have to try so much harder then them just because our chromosomes say double x. Plus, most of the boys in school are afraid of wearing tights for reasons I’m sure you can figure out on your own.

I’m trying out for the spot of team villain expert. This basically means that I’m in charge of knowing our enemies like the back of my hand. It’s a tough job because I also have to learn how to convince one of them that I am evil, if ever the need should arise.

That’s what I was working on with the Iron Lung. Apparently I’m not very convincing yet. He told me to go and watch some Super Villains to see if I get inspired but so far I haven’t found anything to useful. I’m sure it’s out there. I just haven’t found it yet.

Any suggestions? Let me know.

Ever yours,
Secretly Supergirl.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The beginning of it all

I guess you’re wondering who this crazy person is writing a blog about being a Superhero. Well… that just the thing. It’s time I accept that I am a little crazy.

So it starts here, with my Memoirs of being a Superhero in high school.

You could say that I have an over active imagination. You could also say that I’m a geek for doing this. You could say all that, and be right on both accounts.

I’m not just a geek. I’m a Superhero and my ability is to see the bland world around me in a way that others cannot.

That is what this is. A diary, if that’s what you want to call it. A diary of my life the way I see it. It may not always be true, in fact I may embellish a lot, but that’s what makes it fun. That’s what makes it a fantasy world.

That’s what makes me…
Secretly Supergirl