Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up in the air

I flew out to meet with my grandparents yesterday, Amazon Man and Monarch. When I asked for a window seat they gave me an exit row door with a window that was too small to even see out of.

Then, the flight attendant told me that in case of an emergency I would have to assist them with saving people. You know, open the emergency door and make sure the inflatable slide opens up.
Personally, I think that my talents would be much better used in stopping the plane from going down at all. I mean, they’ve got a passenger who can fly on their aircraft and all I’m supposed to do is open a door. I would much rather be like my good friend Superman and catch the plane in the air. Just jump from the plane and grab it by the nose before slowly steering it down to safety. But, of course, that would mean exposure.

The Super League isn’t too fond of the word exposure. Which means that most of the world doesn’t even know we exist. So, my talents would make a lot of the other passengers, with brains that aren’t at the same level as mine, explode into a million tiny pieces.

I guess that makes sense since our culture has had a hard time accepting anything that’s different. No examples needed I think.

I get it... but I still don’t understand it.

There was a guy sitting next to me reading “The Culture of Corruption”.

He has no idea.

From another state,
Secretly Supergirl


  1. AmazonMan and Monarch...can't wait to hear about their superpowers!

  2. Maybe the guy sitting next to you was a super Villian or a 3rd rate evil side kick wanting to advance.

  3. hello hello. i was told to check out your blog by holly! so here i am...checking it out that is. i am intrigued by these super heroes and also feel obligated to keep in tough since we share the bond of teen blogger. i will be back often! would love to get to know you better!

  4. Noone likes exposure, Secretly Supergirl! I mean think back to Wonder Woman's outfit! Cover up, for the sake of the Super League!!!

  5. I hope I get on the same plane as you some day! Belinda (Crazy Artgirl) told me to check out your blog, so I have... and I'm adding you to mine! Probably be under the heading "Inspirational"!!