Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ice water and Neon Spandex

Hello from where I am everybody!

So nothing incredibly interesting to report about yesterday or today. It was actually kind of a mortal day: Boring but nice.

I went out with Monarch and my cousin (she’s normal), yesterday. We completely got lost in my cousin’s car and drove around for an extra hour at least. It was rather funny.

We went to this store that sells clothes for older Superheroes. They had some really nice stuff, designer capes and neon spandex. My cousin and I made sure that Monarch got a lot of new options to strut the streets with, she is a legend after all. I found a really nice pair of olive green tights for her. Which, by the way I discovered something interesting about my grandmother. It’s not one of her original powers but she has the ability to alter the opinions of those around her to match her own. Not in a mean way though, it’s just how she reasons that makes you side with her even if you hadn’t before. It’s particularly affective on Amazon Man and my cousin. It was very interesting.

Then last night, I took a fly around the lake by Amazon Man and Monarch’s house. It was so pretty. When I touched the sparkling water with the tips of my fingers I thought they were going to freeze and fall of. I almost hit a boat full of partiers too which caused me to veer right suddenly and land with a splash in that freezing water. That was not so nice..... but it was refreshing.

Anyways, I think I might go flying again. Hopefully I won’t land in the water again.

Hoping I don’t catch a cold,
Secretly Supergirl

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